No Heartbeat only for ArduPlane V3.7.1 Firmware

I am regularly use Mission Planner, but today I am facing problem to install firmware for Arduplane V3.7.1.
Arduplane V3.7.1. Installed properly, but not connecting, shows error as “No Heartbeat Package Received” , at this condition Flash light of PX4 in red.
To check pixhawk PX4, usb cable, pc, Mission Planner soft etc. I install other firmware like APM:Copter V3.4.6 Quad and some other also. In that installation everything working properly, and connect normally.
I have to point out that the problem of connecting is only for Arduplane V3.7.1. And other firmware working properly.
Please guide in details to resolve this problem.

Now heartbeat detected and pixhawk connected with Mission Planner properly.
I replaced sd card, dont known what was the problem. If there is sd card problem than why other firmware install.

I think ardupilot will not work until there is an sdcard, so that’s why you’re not seeing any telemetry.

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