No hearbeat on Telem 2 or Serial 4

I am trying to connect a Storm32 gimbal to Telem 2 (also tried serial4) I have followed the wiki but not working.

Hooking a ttl to the Storm I see a heartbeat. Doing the same to the PX4 I do not see heartbeat.

It seems like Mavlink is not starting for those ports even though I have them configure in MP as type 1 GCS Mavlink

Any suggestions?

Thanks for testing Copter-3.3.

I guess you’ve probably followed the instructions on the wiki.

It’s really hard to say what the issue is but I’d say just double check the parameter settings listed on that page. Perhaps the SERIALX_BAUD isn’t set properly or the BRD_SER2_RTSCTS hasn’t been set to “0”?

So I was able to fix this by follow the discovery of to high a resistor on the Storm board. This was discovered by extensive testing over on RCGroups.

They did some great work!

Flyer007, well, that’s quite some investigative work you guys went through. Nicely done.

I’ve updated the wiki with your image a short description and a link back to the rcgroups discussion. … 32-gimbal/

Can I ask, where did you get your SToRM32 gimbal from? I’m just wondering if it a particular manufacturer is more likely to have this issue.

This was a V1.1 Storm32 from Ready To Fly Quads.

Thanks for updating the Wiki.