No green bar visible on RC calibration in mission planer

Hi !!! I have pixhawk with latest update everything is ok and board connected to PC!! But in RC calibration green bar not visible! My radio control power is on and bonded to my receiver i test it with one servomotor
I use radiolink t8fb with r8ef receiver
I know pixhawk work with ppm & s-bus
My rc support that and i,m test ppm & s-bus
Can any one help ?

No green bar means that your FC did not recognized the input signal.
Check that on your r8ef receiver a blue/purple led is lit and you connected ch1 to the RCIN port of your flight controller. (You did not write what kind of board you using but pixhawks have a port named sbus, which IS NOT sbus input, but output. Receiver must be connected to the RCIN port.

Hi Andras!!! TNX for your reply I use pixhawk and I connect my r8ef s-bus channel to RCIN port of my pixhawk !!! My receiver led is red on r8ef !!! I test my receiver with one servo motor I give signal on s-bus !!!

Read the manual of your radio receiver and set it correctly to sbus/cppm