No GPS with Adafruit Ultimate GPS Breakout v3

i am new to this forum and starting to build my own hexacopter.
I try to use the Adafruit Ultimate GPS Breakout v3, connected on my pixhawk 4, running on Mission Planner.
RX from the Pixhawk is connected to TX of the GPS
TX from the Pixhawk is connected to RX of the GPS

I always have the “GPS: No GPS” message.
I already tested my GPS with the GPS tool dedicated, and it works well, i know it communicates with 9600 baud rate, so i set it like that on the parameters:
Physically the GPS have a red led blinking every 15 seconds meaning there is a fix.
I am strugling with that for hours, that’s why i need your help to investigate.
thanks in advance,

You can try GPS_TYPE 5 (NMEA). Not sure that MTK3339 is supported but this might work.


Thks a lot dkemxr, it seems to work now, some “GPS: No Fix” messages but it is not well placed (on a window).
I noticed it worked with NMEA and HemisphereNMEA options on GPS_TYPE.

Cool! Good to know actually as there are few choices in small form factor GPS modules. No compass though?

It has also a bigger battery (CR1220) then those usually found on other GPS modules.

No compass integrated in this module as i know.