No GPS using PX1172RH-HAT board with pixhawk

hi, i’m using a pixhawk 2 cube with the HERE+ GPS and i’ma ble to get RTK fixed. now i’ve changed the GPS, A PX1172RH-HAT board by skytraq, connecting it to the pixhawk.
the problem is that the board came with a cable for another kind of pixhawk(picoblade connector), but my pixhawk presents a jst connector. so i built a cable to connect my pixhawk to the board, but i receive a NO GPS message from mission planner.
i’m attaching you the configuration of my board and the cable i used for connection.
my doubt is also about a configuration of the string of parameters, but i’m not too expert to have an idea.
can you help me please?
thank you


What type of GPS did you configure it as? A Ublox (like the HERE+) or something else?

What’s the format coming out of the Skytraq?

I have a USB – serial converter with a female connector that matches my Pixhawk, which allows me to use a computer to receive the serial data first, so I can confirm I have the TX/RX wired correctly and not flipped. That would be something else to look at while you troubleshoot.

did this ever work ? I am looking into buying one

I haven’t yet but I am getting closer to pulling the trigger.

It uses an NMEA sentence for high precision location and heading.

I use two F9Ps currently but have two rovers to outfit.