No GPS Matek M8qcan h743 controller

Hello Guys,

Need help.
Issue: Arduplane shows no gps.
A bit of overview: Bought Matek H743 controller with M8Q CAN gps last year in Nov flashed with arduplane follow the guide eg: gps type 9, driver protocol etc, and was working perfectly and in second flight during landing all of sudden power cuts off, Banggood replaced the board under warranty, again I have flashed the board with latest 4.09 ver and follow the guide but now mission planner shows NO GPS. Done everything eg: change cable, load old firmware, erased many times with new firmware but nothing changed.
GPS LED stats: blue slow blinking and green slow blinking(as per Matek gps stats it means 3D fix established).

Your kind help would be highly appreciated.

Used to like pixhawk this is my first time song Matek and having hell of the problem, first soldering the board, power cuts off and now gps.

More, I have also updated the gps firmware.