No GPS lock after updating to 3.5.5

Hi guys,

Have been using a 450 size quad with GPS for a while now. After I updated the firmeware to v3.5.5 I lost the ability to get a GPS fix on my quad.

I use “FlightDeck 3” with my Taranis radio and I have been getting a log stating: “GPS detected as Ublox with baud of 115000…”

I have been through all the settings but cant find any issues.

I was able to plug the GPS into U-Center to verify that it is working and it is.

Try the new 3.6.0-rc1 to see it it works there.

Please submit logs, and try to test with GCS software such as QGC, APM Planner2 or Mission Planner

I am having same issue. I have had my copters all working and I updated to 3.5.5 and now I have no GPS locks on my Here modules… Help!