No GPS issues :(


Running 4.3.4
Pixhawk 32 V5
Using the GPS that comes with the kit, there are 2 problems:
Suddenly i get a message on the MP: “No GPS”, there is no light at all on the GPS itself, and also in the compass menu, there is no external row in the table (it used to be…)

Thank you!

Have you configured the correct serial port to use it as a GPS, are you in a building that would inhibit getting a GPS fix? possibly post a param files so we can look and see. plus providing as much information such as what port you have it hooked to will also help troubleshoot issues. the more information you can provide the better folks will be able to help you.

param file is Attached
FullParam.param (16.9 KB)
I connected it to the GPS port (10 pin connector)/

If there’s no light and the compass disappeared, it sounds like a wiring problem, a power problem, or a failed module.

There is a red light on the saftey button, so it`s not a power issue, regarding the wiring, there is only 1 10 pins cable that connects to the GPS port…

That does not rule out a broken wire, poor connection, or hardware failure, all of which make more sense than a sudden firmware problem.


Did yo manage to take a look on the file?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Can you also set GPS_TYPE2 =1 you have two serial ports configured as a GPS

  • SERIAL3 → UART1 (GPS) I assume this is the 10 pin port
  • SERIAL4 → UART4 (GPS2, marked TEL4/GPS2)
    The ports are configured correctly with serialx_protocol as 5 which is gps.
    this may or may not fix it.

well, it didn`t work, BUT, i noticed that the red B/E red led in the FMU is blinking (on the pixhawk…), what does that mean?