"no gps" issue on C-RTK 9Ps with cube orange

While connecting the base unit (GNSS) with mission planner, The base unit was connected properly and getting satellite counts. But while connecting CUAV C-RTK 9ps with cube Orange on gps2 port and enabled the parameter of GPS_TYPE2 to 1 the GPS status was No GPS. is this a wiring issue or need to define other parameters? I followed the documentation provided by CUAV to make the setup, any solutions?

documentation: C-RTK 9Ps RTK Receiver · C-RTK

Trap for young players - the first GPS found is GPS1 so GPS_TYPE applies even if it’s on the “GPS2” port, not GPS_TYPE2

Think of the flight controller searching through the serial ports starting from SERIAL1 looking for a port with SERIALx_PROTOCOL,5 and a GNSS unit that actually responds → this device becomes GPS1 in the GPS parameters.
The next occurrence of a SERIALy_PROTOCOL,5 and a responsive GNSS unit becomes GPS2.

The best thing to do is set SERIALz_PROTOCOL,-1 for ports that are not in use.

Really the ports should not be labelled GPS1 and GPS2, but labeled with their correct SERIAL port numbers.
Usually TELEM1 and TELEM2 match SERIAL1 and SERIAL2 but even that labelling should be changed.

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I tried your solution it’s not working, when connecting to gps2 port it is detecting some i2c device connected but not able to do more than that… Sorry for late reply

Wiring is definitely correct? This is the Cube Orange port


Yeh we checked that too, it didnt work


Common mistake to reverse these because of a misunderstanding regarding serial comms.