No-GPS (indoor) flight: which configuration? (EKF/compass errors)

Hi All,

i’m using a Pixhawk 2.1 w/out GPS antenna for a project for indoor flight. Normal stabilized flight with alt hold would be ok ok for me.
I installed a Pix2 into an F450 quadcopter test frame and flown it. I disabled GPS use (AHRS_GPS_USE to 0) as wiki advices in the indoor guidelines chapter.

What i’m getting is a quite strange flight behaviour: EKF Hud indicator sometimes goes yellow/red, and i almost lost control a couple of times just doing some mild manouvers. Big drift in pitch and roll (thus i adjusted PIDs and it become slightly better). many compass errors, many EKF errors. Yaw goes left and right from time to time by itself.

I think EKF is still believing in data coming from GPS & Compass thus they are disabled. Is there something more i can do in configuration?