"NO GPS" in mission planner HUD

Good morning, I am using a pixhawk orange cube with a holybro F9P GPS receiver.
I am attempting to switch over from a can based GPS module (Here 3) to a holybro F9P GPS. I have plugged in the GPS module to the UART to USB connector, then ran wires off of that convertor to my GPS 2 port. Mission planner has picked up an external compass so I know that it realizes that the GPS is now connected to the pixhawk board, however the HUD screen still says “no gps”. I have switched Serial4=5 and the baud rate to 115. The blue lights on the GPS module are blinking so I know the GPS itself is working, as well as the flashing blue lights that will let me arm my rover and drive it in manual mode. However, like I said, the HUD still remains with “no gps”

Any help on this topic would be greatly appreciated.

USB? Does it work with normal FC UART/I2C pins?

There is a breakout section on the converter. It has a usb connector at the end of it, as well as a 4 pin breakout and a 6 pin breakout. I chose to use the 6pin breakout because that is what the GPS2 port uses as well.

I can’t understand your connection. Left or right GPS (no CAN bus) or other? How is it connected (uart signals) to which FC on which connector?

It is the left GPS that is shown in your picture above @Webillo . However, the 10 pin connector shown does not plug directly into my pixhawk orange cube. The pixhawk orange cube has an 8 pin plug for “GPS1” and a 6 pin plug for “GPS2”. Because of this, I use a converter that came with the GPS (pictured below). I use the 6 pin breakout of this board and plug it directly into the 6 pin “GPS2” port on my pixhawk orange cube. Can I do this? Or am I missing something that does not allow me to do this? I have changed the “Serial 4” parameter to 5 on mission planner so it is configured as a GPS module on there. The blue LED works and I can drive it in manual mode, but it still keeps giving me the “No GPS” message in the HUD. Thank you again for your time and I hope this explanation makes a little bit more sense!

No. I suppose that board (essentially USB to serial) is meant for testing a GPS with u-blox u-center program (try it).

Suppose the uart transmit signal from the FC to the receive signal on the GPS. Possibly you are connecting them, but also to a transmit signal on the FTDI chip, so you are making a short.

You could unsolder the chip, and perhaps that would work, but try to use things for their meant purpose and conserve that board. Look for a passive solution (without active components) for your problem; I have no experience on Cubes (the GPS on the left connects directly to the Pixhawk 4 (GPS/compass/buzzer/switch/led on one connector)), but other people should know.
Perhaps you can open the GPS and substitute the cable with a DIY one: