No GPS Heading (Black line) in Mission Planner Map View

Vehicle: Differential steering 4WD Rover
Hardware: Holybro Pixhawk 6X Mini
ArduRover Software: Version 4.6 for the Pixhaw 6X
GPS1: Holybro M10 GPS
GPS2: Sparkfun ZED-F9P RTK GPS
Compass: Holybro DroneCAN RM3100 Professional Grade Compass

Both GPSs have a 3D dgps Fix indoors, yet there is no GPS Heading pointer being displayed in the Mission Planner Map View. The Compass is presently pointing due West as a red line at 270 degrees.

Does my Rover have to be moving for there to be a GPS Heading black line pointer in the Mission Planner Map View or have I failed to enable a ArduRover GPS configuration variable?


GPS course cannot be calculated when standing still.

Thanks for the quick response, much appreciated.
That is sort of what I figured, but needed some confirmation.