No GPS data in dataflash logs

Hi All,

I recently received a fresh source of firmware from Event38 after a recent crash. The firmware version is 3.3.1beta1 (perhaps the cause of the issue) and Mission planner 1.3.9.

FBWA and auto missions have been successfully completed with the UAV hitting waypoints and operating correctly.
3D fix was defiantly gained prior to arming

When getting the logs off the SD card the logs show up in the log download screen (under the flight data screen) they are downloaded although we are unable to graph any of the data. A log file is created, a KMZ is also created yet is only a 5KB file of a line in Africa

when trying to geotag photos with time offset the error message is "NO GPS match in log file"
When trying to geotag by CAM message the error message is "Log file problem. Aborting…"
APM planner 2.0 also cannot retrieve a readable log reporting incorrect geographic data.

I noticed that the as shipped firmware had no information in the LOG_BITMASK param. This was changed to PX4 default yet the same problem still arises.

There are people successfully retrieving logs using 3.3.1, is there a setting/param I’m missing or more a problem with the board or SD card?

Any help is appreciated. screen shots can be added


If LOG_BITMASK is 0 then no logs will be saved to the SDCard. Have a look here for details on how to set it. … og_bitmask

Thanks, Grant.

Hi Grant,

Thanks for the reply. I was aware of that that. Originally LOG_BITMASK blank i then changed to PX4/Default but the problem still exists.

I think this may be a firmware issue as the plane flew the desired survey grid accurately. Also another pixhawk was loaded with this beta firmware and now the problem exists with that pixhawk. Is there a specific param (other than LOG_BITMASK) that affects what info and the format that information is written to the log.



LOG_BITMASK is really the only parameter. The logging was moved around a little in the BETAs. Any reason you can’t run the 3.4 stable release of Plane? That would be your best bet.
Thanks, Grant.

Please try LOG_BITMASK=655358

What’s the difference between LOG_BITMASK=655358 and LOG_BITMASK=65535 ? I have the second value and the flash log is unusable for geotagging.
Thank you