No GPS but the plane still continue the mission

Hello guys,
i have a problem with the GPS.

so here is the detail :

  1. i want to test my plane before going to do some mapping job. (test the auto flight mode)
  2. i’m using The Cube with Here as a GPS
  3. i’m running arduplane 3.8
  4. this is not the first plane. this is the 4th plane, i have no problem with plane number 1, 2, and 3.

Problem detail :

  1. Preflight was done. no problem occurs.
  2. i did autotake off
  3. after the plane reach the first waypoint, the GPS status suddenly go to No GPS, with no sats and High HDOP. But the plane still on the track.
  4. switch to RTL, and the plane come home with correct home points.
  5. switch back to auto, the plane flying to the track again, and get some Sats.
  6. after few minutes, the GPS Sats change again to no gps until the rest of mission (Plane come back safely).

Here is the .bin file :
Here is the .tlog :

Problem occurs on time 16:46
and if you want to see the tlog it start from 67.90%

i’m curious, what wrong with my rig ?
why the plane still on the track, even can go home safely, while there is no gps ?
i hope someone can explain this.

do i have a broken GPS ?

Thank you.

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Congratulations, you have just discovered the wonders of inertial navigation, one of many great features or Ardupilot.

is that mean the plane moving without GPS ?
Wow ! that is amazing. :open_mouth::open_mouth:

yes, depending on wind conditions and how long/how you have been flying before the issue (how good the wind estimates and so on are) it will deviate from the real/actual position, (but work itself in one GNSS coverage is back.)

The sudden drop, and recovery of both number of sats and HDOP, could resemble some cable connection issues or GPS scrambling.
(not a cold boot)