No-Flight Zones

Is or will there ever be an option so that the Drone automatically doesnt fly into a No-Flight-Zone? Since with the current Version of Mission Planner the only Option seems to be that the user has to make sure the Drone wont enter these Zones.
It would be easier if I could just upload custom No-Flight-Zones into the Mission Planner and the Drone doesnt enter them automatically, instead of using the Geofence.

currently no.

You are responsible for your drones actions. and are in full control.

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A great advantage from DJI :smiley: , many Rc clubs in Argentine are in airplanes clubs where Dji drones can´t fly; last sunday my cuad was the only that was able to take aerial pictures from an Rc contest :wink: , DJI fans where all in silence with their phantoms in the box LoL .