No flight modes visible when connected to aircraft

I’m not seeing my flight modes when connected in Mission Planner. Just get “Unknown” in the Flight Mode drop down and HUD. Also, no flight modes are available in the action tab drop down or flight mode drop down menus. Parameters upload, but parameter Description, Range and Unit values are missing in the Parameter Tree.
I’ve tried various MP versions, deleting and reinstalling drivers (using MP driver clean) and still no luck.
Also tried Param regen, but get an error.
Using latest Mission Planner and Arduplane firmware with Windows 10.

Any ideas?

Press ctrl-f and select Param gen (upper left of the window).

I had this issue with rover. Switched to missionplanner beta and it was fixed

Thanks, tried that, but get an error

Managed to sort the problem out by using the beta version and param regen