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No flight modes shown in Mission Planner

(Peter Hardy-Atkins) #1

I see others have asked this question but I cannot see the solution. The Mission Planner setup checks out on every screen but the mode tally sheet for channels 5 and six do which work precisely on the radio calibration page do not respond as predicted on the modes page where they cannot be saved!

Have I got a dud Pixhawk?
Or should I reinstall Mission Planner.


(Tony-zhou) #2


(Michael Oborne) #3

press control-f
click param regen
restart MP
and try again

(Peter Hardy-Atkins) #4

Thanks for that It happens that I am in the late stages of setting up a new board which is going well on the modes front. I will return to that other board and I will let you know. Thanks again.


(Peter Hardy-Atkins) #5

I applied the control f formula. I was not sure about the length of
the wait but decided on 5 minutes (a long time in computing LOL)
Following the shutdown and restart no change was noted.
This procedure was applied to two boards with the same issue. It
producedthe same non response.

The latest of my Pixhawks, running from the same radio and channel

does show the Prescribed mode changes with the expected movement,
colour and description.

Best wishes and thanks.