No failsafe with Turnigy 9x + FrSky module


Like I said in the tittle, I have a problem to have failsafe with my Turnigy 9x.
So I have changed the module for a FrSky XJT and a X8R receiver in my Turnigy 9X.
But after connecting him to my pixhawk 2 in s.bus, I have no failsafe.
When I made tests, I have no Failsafe…
So, when I switch off my radio, the motor turns again and again.

Have you an idea of different parameters or settings I have to change ?
Feel free to ask me if you need !

Thank you for your help !!!

You need to read the manual for the X8R. Basically you do not turn the radio on. You power up the receiver and then hold down the F/S button for 2 seconds. The Green LED will blink. The receiver will go to “No Pulses” when contact with the radio is lost.

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