No Extended tuning tab in APM Planner 2 with Pixhawk4 V5


i just changed my old APM 2.6 withe a new Pixhawk 4 FMU V5.
ArduCopter 3.6 was loaded without trouble.
My problem:
My APM Planner 2 dos not show the “Extended Tuning tab”.

I already tested my old APM - woks great
and updated the Planner from 2.0.24 to 2.0.26-RC2 - no changes

thanks for any ideas or suggestions.

@zimmi200 Some questions regarding your problem.
Did you enable the Advanced Mode in the File menu? If not do so and check again. If it does not work please answer this questions:

  • Which platform win, linux, osx are you using?
  • Updated to 2.0.26-RC2 means you downloaded a new version or did you build the planner by yourself?
  • How is this new fancy hardware connected - USB?
  • Are you only missing the advanced tuning tab - meaning does anything work as expected?

i switched “Advanced Mode” on and off a view times and it hasn’t any affect.

  • linux - Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
  • I downloaded the new version (apm_planner_2.0.26-rc2_xenial64.deb)
  • I tried USB and my 433MHz radio so far.
  • I’m only missing this one tab, i had no other issues.

Sure i could do everything on the full parameter list but the extended tuning tab is a great summary.
I hope for a little hint to get it working.

I tried but failed to reproduce your issue - with the Simulator and with my old pixhawk v2. I hope I will have some time this weekend to do some further testing.

I installed Mission Planner 1.3.58 and APM Planner 2.0.24 on a Win7 Notebook.
Same issue on the APM Planner but the Mission Planner shows the Extended Tuning tab.

What type of vehicle did you configure (Copter / Plane / Heli…)?

I tried everything - when using Arducopter I am not able to reproduce your issue. All Copters do have the “extended Tuning” settings.
It would be very cool if you could upload an APM-Planner log (can be found in /home/user/apmplanner2) for further analyzing and please open the “mavlink inspector” (Tool Widgets->Mavlink Inspector) and tell me the value for heartbeat -> type.