No exclusion fence - Linux version

Hi all,

My team is working a project which combines natural language processing with ArduCopter waypoint commands. We are trying to make the copter avoid certain landmarks and believe that polygon exclusion fences would be perfect for this application. However, ArduCopter on Linux only seems to support inclusion fences.

. Is there a simple way to invert this so I can draw it as an exclusion fence instead?

Besides drawing it I have also tried to load an exclusion fence. Weirdly, I have NAV_FENCE_CIRCLE_EXCLUSION and NAV_FENCE_POLYGON_VERTEX_EXCLUSION available within mission editor but when I try to load this into a mission the console reads TYPE_MISSION: UNSUPPORTED. Has anyone been able to use exclusion fences on ArduCopter 4.04V with Linux?

Many thanks

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You would need to make sure that you use Mavlink2 messages for exclusion and inclusion fence point setup. So make sure you have activated Mavlink2 in your GCS (Ground Control Station). You can do it by environmental parameter as explained in Python (mavgen) · MAVLink Developer Guide