No Data: Reboot on USB connection

I am running APM Plannet 2.0.10, I cannot keep a connection to Pixhawk. It is running ArduCopter V3.1.5, I am attaching the logs [attachment=0]log.txt.log[/attachment].

Basically what happens, I start up APM Planner, connect USB, connect using the connect button in APM Planner. After a few seconds APM Planner disconnects. I have tried 57600 and 115200.

Any ideas?

This seems to be a timing issue, if I wait a little while after startup and then connect APM it does not disconnect. Is anyone else seeing this?

I am doing pretty good answering my own questions :wink:

pick up the latest daily build here and let me know how that works for you? Thx

Much better! Thanks.

How are the daily’s now, stable enough for daily driver?

The dailys come with no guarantee. Use with caution.

That said, we only push to master what would be good enough for a release, it just not been tested as well. If you like to try dailys and test and report issues, that would be great.


PS: you can always ask if a daily you want to test is ok :wink:

Sure I will use the latest version, if I encounter any issue I will post back to

Thanks for the all the hard work