No Cyclic on Mini APM and 9XR pro

Hi all , I new on the forum

I´m From Brazil and stay out of the Hobby World for a long time… (when multirotors start to appears)

But now I want to put my old and reallyable Trex450 V2 (Flybared) to work whith APM!

I´m a little bit rusty whith new terms soh please be pacient…

I put hand on a mini-APM 3.1 (case label) inside on the board it says 3.1 too)) No compass chip!

Hardware list:

9XR pro (frsky module and RX)
mini APM 3.1
Neo 6 (Gps compass module)
Trex 450V2 (flybar)
Power Module
DS410 align Servos for cyclic
DS520 Align for Ruder
Tower PRO ESC 40A

1º I have no cyclic (on heli tab cyclic dont goes up and down) the only way to have it is mix the TX cyclic option to channel 6 (this will kill the knob for later adjustments))… need help on that.

2º when I plug the USB whith no battery it make servos work (noise) and esc beeps!
I rewiew all my wires and have no 5V line conected from APM to any other hardware
the only common 5V connection is via Power Module…look a hardware issue (I affraid to burn computer USB or APM)

3º I need a Little help whith PID starting setting…(has I sayd mix on channel 6 for cyclic i has no Knob to adjustments) there is a short os videos on youtube and documentations

Kind regards