No connection over OTG even though it works with DP or BT

Hey guys,

Really hoping to use Andropilot but I quickly realized that although it works over bluetooth serial via telemetry, it doesn’t work directly with the otg cable. Droid planner connects over both bluetooth and the otg cable. Tried turning bluetooth off, wireless off, uninstalled, installed, rebooted and still nothing. Even removed DP. It Works no problem over bluetooth serial but there isn’t even an option to change connecting type in “settings” over to usb.



what’s wrong with using the app with bluetooth? Does it become unreliable? or you dont like bluetooth because it takes a bit more battery than OTG?

No problem using Bluetooth serial. Still wanted the option to just plug in the OTG. not a biggy.

What brand of tablet are you using?

Dell venue 7. Best bang for my cheap buck. OTG works no problem on droidplanner just not andropilot. Bluetooth serial is sufficient though.

Exactly same problem here using note2.

I have the same issue first gen nexus 7. I am able to get Tower to work but I can’t get it to connect with wireless or wired telemetry. Says searching for vehicle. Any suggestions ?

do you use HW flow control on 3DR radios ? - if yes, try to disable it :slight_smile:

How do I disable that?