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No Competitive Solution For HD FPV Compared To DJI Products?

(Marcus Hayhurst) #1

Hello Everyone,

I recently finished a build using PH2.1, Here GNSS, 17" props, T-Motors, a lot of elbow grease and custom designed 3D printed parts for aesthetics and functionality. Anyway, someone came out to inspect my roof today and broke out a DJI Mavic Pro. What stuck out the most on the Mavic Pro was the HD FPV stream. After some YouTubing I found a video of someone who flew a Mavic Pro ~17,000 feet away and still had a decent signal on their HD video stream!! For us DIYers, the only thing I’ve found close to an HD FPV stream is the: Amimon CONNEX but it only has a range of 3,300 feet and costs $1,599.00, nearly double the cost of the entire Mavic Pro package! That really bummed me out and also perplexed me at the same time that the DIY community does not have something more competitive. It’s frustrating that DJI is able to offer an entire package with an amazing HD FPV stream and range for half the price of (what appears to be) our only option: Amimon CONNEX Wireless. Just an FYI, I looked up the FCC registration for the Mavic Pro and it appears it uses nearly 1 watt (995mW) for the power output which I guess explains the long range? So in conclusion, I suppose I’m venting a little but also wanted to get other’s feedback/thoughts on this matter.


(James Pattison) #2

Wifibroadcast is a diy option, but being wifi based doesn’t have the range of mavic (which iirc uses COFDM).

FoxtechFPV and CUAV have systems as well, that may be worth researching.

(Marcus Hayhurst) #3

Thanks for the info! I’ve sent FoxTech a few questions about this one: Have you personally had any experience with the DV1-5G or other similar system?

(James Pattison) #4

Had a hacklink. It’s basically SoloLink in an aluminium housing but with cheaper components. It’s ok, but not a light bridge competitor.

(Marcus Hayhurst) #5

The HackLink looks nice and you can pipe the video stream to the Tower app

The Insight SE 5G 1080P also caught my attention. According to this YouTube it can connect via WiFi to the Tower app and has OSD from the Pixhawk. I really like the video feed option with the Tower app bc that’s probably as close to a LightBridge setup as we will get for the time being.

(Mark Hopwood) #6

There is a relatively new product on the market called
The thread to watch is on rc groups
I am in no way affiliated with these guys but what they are bringing to our fpv market is rather amazing, bonafidepirate (one of the tester/reviewers) managed just shy of 14km the other day.
The vTx is probably too big for mini quads but say 350 size and larger should be fine, fixed wing no problems.

I was googling around and this thread popped up, thought I’d share a new product with you guys.
Cheers :slight_smile:

(James Pattison) #7

1240-1300MHz for that FPV blue system. Not sure that is a feasible frequency range for many people.
Might be an option when they release the 2.4GHz version.

(Marcus Hayhurst) #8

Yes, I came across that but it appears to be in Beta stages and will not ship until January 2018. But I will agree that the FPV Blue would be a game changer for the DIY FPV…as long as they build a solid product and have it work with current apps (e.g. QGroundControl, Tower, DroidPlanner, etc…). Thank you for sharing!

(Marcus Hayhurst) #9

Yes I agree, they have a disclaimer about being a licensed HAM operator to use this device on the checkout page.

(Yves) #10

I just received an “Insight SE 5G 1080P 200mW Full HD Digital Video System”.

It works with the modified Tower app, I had to invert 2 pins in the connector, and find the good parameters for the telem port.

I’ve not yet test it in the air, so no idea of the range.

I want to use it with QGC, but did not manage yet …

I will create later a dedicated topic.

(Yves) #11

The topic is here Use of "Insight SE 5G 1080P 200mW Full HD Digital Video System" with QGC