No change in behaviour after setting wind in SITL


after starting SITL with: -v ArduCopter -f gazebo-iris --console
and starting Gazebo with ardupilot_gazebo plugin:
gazebo --verbose ardupilot_gazebo/worlds/

i changed the parameter SIM_WIND_SPD to 15 but the behavior of the drone shows no difference in gazebo. Furthermore the parameter wind in the console is showing -/-, but the parameter is saved with 15 to the eeprom.bin.

I assume that i won’t notice any difference in guided mode anyway, but even in stabilize the drone is drifting slowly across the map with rc 3 1500 (and it seems to me that the direction is random, but i’m not sure).

I use Gazebo 9 and the latest ArduCopter V4.0.4-dev

You can’t see wind estimation in Copter. The code used inside Ardupilot for wind estimation works for plane only since you have to know airspeed for wind estimation.
Try simulating using plane. You will see the effect of wind.