No blended GPS logging

Last week we were trying the gps blending functionality and we noticed that we don’t get logs from the blended instance. Upon inspection of the code, I found that logging is done when updating the different gps instances. The blended solution is only computed later and as far as I understand not included in the loop for updating the instances.
Is the logging of the blended solution removed for a specific reason (space, loop speed, …) or is this accidental?
If accidental, can I reactivate the logging by adding a call to the logger at the end of the calc_blended_state() function, by adding the code shown below?

    if (data_should_be_logged &&
        (should_log() || AP::ahrs().have_ekf_logging())) {

the current proposition could work, but would result in logging data at the full 50 Hz rate of the gps update function, which might generate too much data, so some sort of scheduling should be provided.