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NMEA Serial out possible on board Pixhawk?

(M. A.) #1

Is it possible to get a GPS NMEA Stream out of Telem2 port or any other Serial port.
I am using a PH2.1 & Here+ (Gps1 Port ).

Thx for help !

(Andre-K) #2

No, but if you hack it slightly, adding more serial connections, the here+ (M8P) like the rest of ublox family, have more than one serial port, and you can configure the another one to output that simultaneously.

(MagicRuB) #3

No. What do you need it for? Maybe there’s a better solution to what you’re looking for.

(M. A.) #4

I want to feed a camera system that uses a ext. GPS Antenna ( only NMEA ).This system sadly dont work with mavlink…

thx for help !

(MagicRuB) #5

I see. Yes, that sounds useful. Do you have any info on which camera it is?

(M. A.) #6

Its a prototype of a very compact hyperspectral camera and we use a old stable firmware on it, thats the reason this cam dont understand mavlink at the moment . i used U Center yesterday to configure the out on the usb port to send NMEA only and it works ! Thx for help !

(M. A.) #7

It works flawless… The second Connection of the Here+ Antenna to the our on board
minPC wich controls Camera and GPS recording. Is there anything i have to be aware or keep an eye on with a kind of setup like this. ?
I had to drill a hole in the bottom of the Here+ for the USB cable and prob. i destroyed any guarantee for this device…:slight_smile: but it works for us very well.