NMEA Serial out possible on board Pixhawk?

Is it possible to get a GPS NMEA Stream out of Telem2 port or any other Serial port.
I am using a PH2.1 & Here+ (Gps1 Port ).

Thx for help !

No, but if you hack it slightly, adding more serial connections, the here+ (M8P) like the rest of ublox family, have more than one serial port, and you can configure the another one to output that simultaneously.

No. What do you need it for? Maybe there’s a better solution to what you’re looking for.

I want to feed a camera system that uses a ext. GPS Antenna ( only NMEA ).This system sadly dont work with mavlink…

thx for help !

I see. Yes, that sounds useful. Do you have any info on which camera it is?

Its a prototype of a very compact hyperspectral camera and we use a old stable firmware on it, thats the reason this cam dont understand mavlink at the moment . i used U Center yesterday to configure the out on the usb port to send NMEA only and it works ! Thx for help !

It works flawless… The second Connection of the Here+ Antenna to the our on board
minPC wich controls Camera and GPS recording. Is there anything i have to be aware or keep an eye on with a kind of setup like this. ?
I had to drill a hole in the bottom of the Here+ for the USB cable and prob. i destroyed any guarantee for this device…:slight_smile: but it works for us very well.


How did you end up getting a NMEA output from Pixhawk 2? is it possible to do with Emlid Reach M+ & Pixhawk 2?