NMEA position input to pixhawk


I am looking to use a pixhawk to control a ground based autonomous vehicle.

I require high accuracy positioning though and already have duel frequency GNSS RTK receiver.

What I would like to know is it possible to use one of the serial ports to input NMEA to the pixahawk?


What I would like to know is it possible to use one of the serial ports to input NMEA to the pixahawk?[/quote]


this should be possible if you set the GPS_TYPE or GPS_TYPE2 to NMEA which is “5”.

Read about the supported GPS_TYPE modes in the full parameter table here:



When using Ardu Rover 2.45 on the pixhawk if I attempt to set the GPS_Type to 5 I receive this answer in the terminal of Mission Planner:

setup] set GPS_TYPE 5
Param not found: GPS TYPE

Is there another interface I should be using?

In the code I can see the enum GPS_Type in AP_GPS.h so it seems to exist but maybe Ardupilot project does not link? I see the #include call in APMrover2 for AP_GPS.h so it seems it should. Is my request incorrectly formed?

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yes, you can use NMEA to get accuracy RTK result. we are hard working developing RTK solution for UAV market.


Hi All,

I’m attempting to connect my Leica GNSS RTK Reciever to a pixhawk via NMEA.

I’m hoping someone can answer some questions on this for me as I haven’t been able to get this working on ArduRover V2.5?
Does anyone know exactly what NMEA message are required, and in what format?
I’ve tested the message output from my GPS and it reads fine into NMEA interpreter software such as VisGPS.

I’ve set all the parameters relating to serial 3, 4 and 5 to (38) 38400 SERIAL_BAUD, (5) GPS SERIAL_PROTOCOL & (5) GPS for both GPS_Type 1 and GPS_Type 2.

I’ve tried both ports, checked with a multi-meter the TX signal from my GPS is going into Pin 3 (RX) on the Pixhawk .
Ublox 6 GPS works correctly on both Serial 4/5 and GPS ports if I set all the parameters back to default.

Thanks to anyone who can assist… I’m beginning to pull my hair all out! :confused:



Have you succeded in solving this?

Have you solving problem?
I’m same problem, impossible to obtain GPS NMEA connection.
My GPS transmit GGA, VTG and RMC, it’s good on hyperterminal at 38400 and 10Hz.
I test pin 2 on DB9 to pin 2 on GPS1 and pin 3 on DB9 to pin 3 on GPS1 and without result I test pin 2 on DB9 to pin 3 on GPS1 and pin 3 on DB9 to pin 2 on GPS1.
Parameters relating to serial 3: 38400 SERIAL_BAUD, 5 GPS SERIAL_PROTOCOL and 5 GPS for GPS_Type 1.
Where is the problem?
I test with Rover 4.0 and Copter 4.0.3
Best regards

If you have the same problem as me, connect a topography GNSS to the GPS1 port, here is the solution:
The GPS1 port accepts only TTL-level messages while the professional GNSS output the NMEA frame in general at the RS-232 level.
I used the RS-232 to TTL converter from Sparkfun PRT-08780, in fact a converter from amazone did not market.
I inject the GGA, VTG and RMC frames at 10Hz, at a speed of 115200.
Best regards

@Ludo41 I have the same issue. My GPS module provides information in NMEA format. I used a TTL-USB converter to connect GPS output to laptop, and I’m receiving all data. This means the data is TTL-level.
But the issue is with Pixhawk2.1, I’m not able to figure out whether Pixhawk is receiving the data properly. No parameter/values/messages related to GPS is getting updated in Mission Planner.

Thanks in advance

What is your Setup for GPS_RATE_MS and GPS_TYPE?
Normaly GPS_TYPE is 5 for NMEA, GPS_RATE_MS is 200 for 5Hz (what setup on your GPS?).
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What is the solution? I have exactly the same issue, and cannot find solution.


I have exactly the same issue, and cannot find solution.

My GNNS module output the NMEA frame in general at the rs-485 level.I use rs485-usb and i have a gps data in computer but i dont have on cubeorange.I used usb to ttl converter but not working.