NMEA ground speed output

I am interested in using the NMEA output of MP to feed a GPS project. I noticed that the ground speed is much different than what is reported on the main MP gauges. Looking at source code file, SerialOutputNMEA.cs, there is a scaling factor of 3.6 multiplied to the ground speed parameter (MainV2.comPort.MAV.cs.groundspeed*3.6). What is this factor for? I can’t come up with a conversion factor between feet/sec, meters/sec, mph, or knots for which this would be correct. The NMEA 0183 specifies that this should be knots; my setting is for meters/sec as the velocity units.

3.6 sounds like a conversion from m/s to km/h. But apart from that, I can’t help you much more.

I will change it to knots.

it does appear to be in km/h atm


Thank you both! I’ll look for the new release.