NMEA GPS input setup

I am looking to use my RTK GPS as the source for my boat’s Radiolink Pixhawk autopilot. I have set both GPS1 & GPS2 to type 5(NMEA).

The input to the Pixhawk is TTL at 115200. I am outputting GGA,VTG, HDT, and ZDA.

Is there anything else I need to do to get it to work??

Is there a terminal program inside mission planner to see the data coming over the GPS port?

I am still getting The “EKF3 waiting for GPS data” error.

Make sure you haven’t crossed up the TX and RX wiring.

If you’re actually still using 4.1 series firmware, update to 4.2.3.

Latest version is installed. 4.2.3

I have tried both TTL and RS232 to no avail.

Autoconfig is set to 0. Type is set to 5

I can’t seem to find any resources on how to set this up the right way.

Is there any way to see what data is coming thru any of the ports on the pixhawk thru mission planner??

You need to also set:

Replace the “x” with the number of the serial port in use.

All serial comms are TTL, usually at 3v3, though some boards (or pins) can be 5V tolerant. Read your autopilot’s documentation to determine voltage levels.

Mission Planner isn’t going to give you serial debug output.