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Nmea data on serial port

I see now in plane 4.0 there is an option for the serial ports to output nmea data. I tried finding information on this on the wiki but didn’t find it. I was wondering if there was anything else needed to make this work other than setting the option for the uart and speed. I am trying to use the MFD telefly tiny to encode the data for my tracker and it accepts nmea input. On my 405wing which is using a bn180 gps using ubx. I tried setting the serial option and baudrate for 38k and the telefly didn’t register any input. I hooked only the rx of the telefly to the tx of the controller and the ground also. Any ideas on if there is a step I missed and if this is truly nmea output.

its depends on your flight controller, it is one of the things removed to get ArduPilot to fit on boards with 1Mb flash. If you have it then it you just need to assign the serial port and it should work, it sends the RMC and GGA messages.

Maybe abit biased but Ardupilots tracker works with your normal telemetry link.

I want to use that tracker as it embeds the data in the video link. My video link is always stronger than my telemetry link. Damn looks like the 405wing only has 1mb. The new 765 wing shows having 2mb of flash so may have to use those moving forward. Is there a list of what is removed from the 1mb boards somewhere?
Would it be possible to add just the nmea output back into a 1mb build?
I can’t compile the code myself but would probably try to find someone that could for a price.

I build ardupilot for the F405 Wing all the time, and my price shouldn’t be a burden :slight_smile: Let me check on that NMEA output and let me know what version build you need. Oh, there is no charge, I am glad I can help.

thanks @voi9viper2

its comented out here


hopefully they are the only places. Just putting back nmea output shouldn’t put it over the flash limit.

voi9viper2 thanks that would be awesome.
I am just running the release version of plane 4.0 on my 405wing and 405ctr

arduplane.apj (837.4 KB)

here is the latest dev version. I have some stuff I have to do, then I’ll build a release version also.

I also had to change libraries/AP_NMEA_Output/AP_NMEA_Output.cpp . Because it’s hard to track all the defines for now I just removed the checks for HAP_MINIMIZE_FEATURES and AP_AHRS_NAVEKF_AVAILABLE to be sure NMEA Output was compiled in.

Thanks I will have to check it this evening after work.

Didn’t seem to work but not sure if it the tracker or the flight controller. I will try to see if I can attach a serial monitor to the uart port.

I’ll test it as soon as I can. My MatekF405 died. Bad barometer. Should have a new on tomorrow.

I think I messed it up. I have recompiled and added a Mavlink message if a valid NMEA Output serial port is found. (633.7 KB)

Great I will give that one a try. Ordered a couple of the new Matek 765 boards. Hopefully with the 2mb flash I won’t have issues with missing functionality.

Well it is sort of working on my 765. The tracker only detects 6 satellites though even when I have 12+ locked

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