NMEA 0183 to Pixhawk - No sonarrange?

I am currently using the NMEA 0183 output on a Humminbird 989 into a RS232 to TTL converter to get depth data (sonarrange) into my Pixhawk.

This is the page I have followed - https://ardupilot.org/rover/docs/common-echologger-ect400.html

a. My SERIAL2_BAUD = 4800 - should it be ‘4’?
b. Is there any way to check if Telem2 is even seeing the data?

Unfortunately I still have no ‘sonarrange’

How about Rangefinder1 ?

I’m using the following …

sorry, I should have explained better, the Rangefinder1 value in the status tab.

I suspect the sonar range and voltage values no longer used.

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Problem 1:
Still zero, but I will buy a Serial/USB converter tomorrow and make sure I am getting data from the Humminbird NMEA 0183.

Problem 2:
I am still concerned about the SERIAL2_BAUD as the Humminbird is 4800, so should it be ‘4’ or ‘4800’ as I saw Randy used a value of ‘115’ instead of ‘115200’.

You should be able to use serial passthrough for this, but as you say its often nice to get a ‘second opinion’ from a different device.

Should not matter, they are the same thing.

Thank you Peter, I will report back tomorrow.

Something might be wrong here:
Check 1- Humminbird NMEA 0183 is on (Baud 4800) as per OM - " When NMEA 0183 Output is turned on, the control head operates exclusively at 4800 baud rate "

Check 2 - USB to Serial adaptor is connected and “working properly” (Com5 4800)

However when I open Putty and select the Com5 and Speed 4800, I get this …

Hum, could be the wrong baud rate, or incorrect connections.

how its the hardware setup?

Should be NMEA 0183 -> rs232 to ttl -> serial to usb converter

This is connecting the usb / serial converter directly to the Humminbird NMEA 0183

Might be that Win 10 doesn’t like the converter

Strangely enough the temperature data from the transducer works 100%, but no position and depth - the main things we are looking for - go figure. LOL

Hi @John_Easton,
Any news on this? I am considering buying a Hummingbird or a Ping360 (https://bluerobotics.com/store/sensors-sonars-cameras/sonar/ping360-sonar-r1-rp/) but I do not want to run into troubles with integration.

Hi v,
No luck yet but we are working on it, hopefully we can get it to work soon. Will keep you posted on this thread.

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Hi John!
I have same problem like you. I have control from my sonar, and I monitoring it with tablet. Sonar´s works well… But i set on TELEM2 and no works…

Any news?

Hi, has there been any advancements on this issue?
I am using the same configeration with an echologger ECT D24S through telem2 and I cannot read any values. I have confirmed my sensor is outputing NMEA data through putty but no depths are showing in misison planner.

For me, the problem was a BAD CONNECTION from cables…

Now i have a perfect data from sonar on Mission Planner.

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Thanks for your response!
Similarly, I had a faulty RS232 male to female connector.
I also found that with Rx AND Tx connected no data was received but with only Tx it worked a treat!

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Hi, how did you solve the connection problem?

Did you connect Tx from the Sonar to the Rx to the pixhawk? (The Rx is the third from de 5V)