Nimbus1800 首飞,,,,,,,,,,,


This looks totally legit…

I don’t understand all the sad face icons in the post above. I was expecting a crash video. In the video, what is the reason for extending the rear motor?

Cool, whether your airspeed from UAV AI?

Airspeed USES unlimited innovative canbus airspeed

This one?

OMG, seems like uavcan series product :hushed::hushed::hushed::hushed::hushed::hushed::hushed:

Yes, in addition, I have purchased a complete set of can equipment, including steering gear, ammeter, GPS, and, if possible, electric control

It looks great,20 words😓

Thank you very much for your reply. The tail motor is increased because it needs to be made into a 3 turn.

No, the pid isn’t tuned properly, it’s very unstable

I’m going to change the plane again today. It’s still unstable