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Nimbus Tricopter VTOL

(Greg Covey) #384

Hi Michael,

The FoxTech setup uses SERVO9_FUNCTION = 75 and the original conversion by Kris (the diagram you posted) uses SERVO9_FUNCTION = 76. Both ways work…you just need the appropriate servo plugged in.

As for the compasses, my recommendation is to only use the external primary compass or you may go nuts!

Thanks for posting your findings!

(Michael De Leon) #385

Thanks @GregCovey. Will work on it again this week, i was curious about FBWA, havent tried transition to this mode from vertical to forward. Does the transition need a throttle management or i just put it in mid stick and let the autopilot do its job during its transition?

(Greg Covey) #386


Normally, mid-stick is probably fine for the Nimbus. However, it is dependent on your plane and setup. You can read more details here. On the FireFLY6 VTOL, I found that raising the throttle created smoother transitions. On my FX79 Quadplane, mid-throttle works great!


Note that holding level pitch does not mean the plane will hold altitude. How much altitude a plane gains or loses at a particular pitch depends on its airspeed, which is primarily controlled by throttle. So to gain altitude you should raise the throttle, and to lose altitude you should lower the throttle. If you want Plane to take care of holding altitude then you should look at the FlyByWireB mode.

(Michael De Leon) #387

Thanks for the inputs @GregCovey

what pixhawk are you using?

(Greg Covey) #388

Pixhawk v2.4.8 which is really a Pixhawk 1.

(Musa Wilmar) #389

i only use 1 compass instead of many compass to avoid ERROR COMPASS VARIANCE

(Michael De Leon) #390

Thanks for this @Musa_Wilmar . I have answer from foxtech. kinda logical. The aircraft fly fast. Seems there assesment is that it was over shooting with the target orientation. IDK if this is correct can someone verify this thanks.

@GregCovey thanks for replying.

Will do some test again. Will try to fly it manual and stabilze, Ive tried it flying in vertical with windy condition in qloiter, i have no issue flying it and transition from fixedwing @ 15-20ms .

My main concern is fixedwing. Its a very fast system.

(Musa Wilmar) #391

i think u can minimize the over shooting with reduce the WP radius and the cruise speed… i think 30m WP radius and 16m/s cruise speed is close enough for me…

this is my last full auto pilot test video…

(Atico) #392

Hi Musa, you can change these parameters to avoid it …



(Michael De Leon) #393

Thanks for the info. Will get back to you guys once ive done testing

(Graham D) #394

Had a quick AUTO flight today but it did something a little unexpected. The waypoint (#2) after the 30m transition point was at 60m but the aircraft had only reached 45m by that waypoint and it’s airspeed was just around 10m/s (36km/h), so a little too slow and the aircraft was wallowing a bit. Only nearing waypoint 4 the altitude reached 60m and then suddenly the aircraft sped up to 18m/s (64km/h) before slowing to 13m/s (47km/h), it’s cruise speed.
So why so slow all the way to 60m? The aircraft has enough power to climb at easily 13m/s+ yet it flew so slowly to reach 60m?