Nimbus 1800 tri-vtol rear motor wiring

First off, I would like to thank Greg Covey for all he does on this forum. He inspired me to build a VTOL Bixler last year (second one flew great :wink: , and this winter I built a Nimbus 1800 VTOL (not quite done yet)

I am ready to install the rear motor and am not sure how to run the wiring. I have checked the forums and all the pics I could find, but cannot quite see how the DC wires and rc are run. I don’t like the idea of drilling a hole in the carbon fiber tube, but maybe that’s what others do.
Thanks for your help…Jim

Hi James,

Thanks for the kind words! My Nimbus 1800 VTOL is ready to test fly but I am on my way to Italy for a few weeks of fun so I hope to fly it in May or June.

Most people have followed the original conversion here and then done things their own way to suit their needs. These images below should help calm your fears of drilling into the carbon tube. It is still plenty strong and looks much cleaner than running the wires outside.

Good luck!

I cannot believe you are giving up flying for a trip to Italy…You have to get your priorities straight!! …lol. Beautiful areas in Italy…saw Mt Etna erupting when we were in Sicily… Thanks for the info and web site that I havent visited…Have a good trip. Jim