Nimbus 1800 tilt motors don't work

I have a problem, I did all the conguration in manual mode all works well but, when I change to Qestabilize the motors stops.


We need more information to help you troubleshoot your problem. In QSTABILIZE mode, are you Armed? Do you have a 5v source to the Output and Aux pins? Have you tried the Motor Test feature in Mission Planner? Have you calibrated the quad motor ESCs per the Wiki procedure?

Let us know…

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I have disabled ARMING_CHECK and ARMING_REQUIRE for this reason in QSTABILIZE it can arm, but the motors don´t work, I have 5v in the Output and I can’t do motor test in Mission Planner.
Do you think that you can help me if I send you my parameters?


You can post your saved .param file right here. When you say “you can’t do motor test in Mission Planner”, do you mean it doesn’t work or that you are not using Mission Planner to connect to the Pixhawk?

Do the ESCs continue to beep when the Safety Switch is pressed?