NEXT7P12-8G Tablet

Hello to all!

I’ve purchased this tablet awhile back, it runs droidplanner just fine, however I’m not able to get a connection through the 3Dr radio, I have a USB Host Controller app on it and it shows the FTDI UART but no connection. I’m just wondering if the is a simple solution to this or should I go ahead and ROOT it?

Thanks for any input!

Well since I posted the last question about this tablet I have since resolved this issue, it turned out to be a simple fix or you could call it a patch, the manufacturer neglected to add the host controller option and it only required me to add a small script. However, I have since found an even better tablet, one that I compare to the iPad mini, I only say this because I have the iPad mini as well. At fist glance you would think it is an iPad mini, almost identical size, screen picture quality that I doubt you will be able to distinguish between the two, equally responsive screens, in fact as for now the only real difference I can see is the fact that my iPad mini has better battery power. Both have their minor issues with the OS, but I think in my opinion at least android is geared more toward the masses with better options for developers (less restrictive). I first read about this tablet online and then walked into (of all places) Walmart and found it, $99 for the “trio :slight_smile: stealth G4” this little baby has the best bang for your buck! hands down! bar none! There was only one issue that the sales person told me about, that it had issues with the wifi and that it would drop the wifi unexpectedly, I have yet to see this happen! As far as DP goes, not even a glitch! 3DR radio works with no issues at all. I have never been more satisfied with a product!