I am very new to this site. I tried 2 RC mini helicopters and broke them in 10 seconds.

I am currently looking for a simulation package on my PC so I can train myself. Any suggestions?

Secondly I would like to invest in Spectrum products. What is the difference between Transmitters only and Transmitters and receivers model.

Sorry for my ignorance.



Don’t know about copter simulations, but I can tell you about Spektrum products.
As you have noted, Spektrum sells both transmitters and transmitters with receivers. Transmitter only is for people who already have Spektrum transmitters and receivers and just want to add an additional or upgrade to a different transmitter. The Transmitter/Receiver packages are just what they say they are, a complete package for those who do not have a matching Spektrum receiver. Some even include servos.

Thank you so much for the clarification.

  1. So would you recommend I purchase Spektrum DX6 or Spektrum DX9 as my first product,

  2. I saw Spectrum DX9 has many features. This way when I get little experienced I do not have to invest in another product.

  3. I heard Spektrum has that capability of a simulation software to practice on my PC

Thanks again.


If you are going to be flying a multicopter, I would recommend a minimum of a DX8 and a DX9 if you can pony up the extra cash.
I have Spektrum DX5 through DX8 transmitters and mainly use the DX7 for my rovers/boats and the DX8 for my Anaconda airplane.

I found the RealFlight simulator to be quite useful prior to taking my birds out and crashing them. :cry:

I have version 6.5, but I think they’re up to version 7 by now.