Newbie with an FC-10 DOF

Hello all, I’m new here and new to Ardupilot. I’ve been flying my current Drift on INAV, but wanted to try AP. I have an AR900 wing pro and fitted an FC-10 DOF to it. I’m currently experiencing troubles getting past the configuration stage with the transmitter (I have a crossfire setup) and at this point, before I go too far, I’d like to know is AP on the FC-10 even a good idea? Am I asking too much of the FC-10?
Thanks in advance!

the FC-10DOF is a budget type controller providing a quite basic set of features only, but it‘ll work on a simple fpv-type fixed-wing setup just fine. might be helpful to drop a little more detail about where exactly you‘re meeting issues?
that being said, the wiki documentation is quite comprehensive on first time setup procedures.

Thanks for the prompt reply! First up I was having issues getting the radio to communicate to the receiver via AP. Of course I had bound the rvcr etc. but I couldn’t seem to select the right serial (port). On the JHEMCU website it said the crsf used uart 5, but in the FC-10 docs page it noted serial 2. Is that correct? Anyway, nothing seemed to work. I think I’d be OK after that stage, but it’s just that initial setup/calibration that stumped me. For now, and for this FC, I decided to go back to INAV. I’m building a Sonicmodell Binary and that has a Matek F405 FC, which I think may be more suited to the likes of AP?

If you’re using your radio in CRSF mode then you’ll need to use Otherwise, set the outputs of your receiver to SBUS and you’ll be able to use the latest stable, 4.0.9.

I’m sure you’re aware there’s a couple of different versions of the Matek F405. In Ardupilot they use different targets, so double check you have the right one.

@fastatstandstill the FC-10DOF has some peculiarities that imho don’t really qualifiy as the perfect entry level controller (useless onboard mag, half-pinned UARTS, no SD-logging etc.). getting past RCInput and serial port assignment issues basically is a RTFM thing though. use the ardupilot wiki for reference and you’ll be good to go.

Thank you for your replies. Yes, I have decided to not use AP on the FC-10, but I will proceed with the F405.

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I know this is an old thread, but I just ordered an FC-10 since it’s really hard to find inexpensive FCs right now. What firmware did you use to flash the FC-10 to Ardupilot? It looks like it is supported in iNav, but I did not see it supported in the Ardupilot HW section. Did you have to download firmware from a 3rd party?

Hi rhouse, I didn’t end up using Ardupilot on the FC-10. I tried it (as in flashed it) but decided not to go through with it. I got a reply on here that didn’t really encourage me to use AP because it’s a really basic FC. But, if you want to, there are instructions on how to in YT or even on these forums? But, from memory, you download the flashing firmware on to your PC and tell AP to flash from that.