Newbie struggling with serial port setup

I’m trying to wire a FC and new ELRS radio for the first time and I’ve made a lot of progress but I’m stuck getting a radio connection to mission planner. I can’t get any of the green bars to move.

I’ve got a funky “Omnibus F4 V3S PLUS” that I’m using, and a Happymodel EPW6 receiver with a Radiomaster Zorro. The receiver and transmitter are both bound and have updated ELRS firmware. I’m connecting the Rx to Tx and vice versa. I’ve tried the shared serial port (r3 and t3), the normal receiver connection with the RSSI changed to tx, and serial 6 (t6 and r6?). In Mission Planner, I have the GPS on serial 1 which does connect to the FC. I’ve tried changing serial 2, 3, and 4 protocol to RCin, value 23 and set the correct baud rate. I’m just sure I’m missing something about how these serial ports work.

Any help is greatly appreciated! I picked a bit of a bad board to do my first project but i’m hoping i can still make it work haha

I dont know if that controller is supported. I think its only up to the v2 that works but in not 100% on that.

I have a zorro on a h743 that works on elrs, if you want to get a new fc you could copy my settings

See here:

Thanks for the replies everyone. I did end up figuring it out. Figured I’d post the solution for anyone else googling this board. It does work with Ardupilot, it works on the omnibusf4 firmware even though its not the exact same board. It turns out my reciever wasn’t outputting in CRSF, I thought flashing the new firmware would make it do that but you have to connect to the reciever via wifi and change the pwmout pins. In Mission Planner, you also have to set RC_PROTOCOLS to crsf only and it works.

Unfortunately the board burned out as I was sitting here messing with it after I plugged a battery in. No shorts were on the board or anything and It shouldn’t have done that, so I’m guessing it was a dud board from a unreputable company. I’d advise anyone looking at this board, the “Omnibus F4 V3s PLUS”, on aliexpress to steer well clear and get one from a reputable company