Newbie question on stick assignment

My pitch and yaw are on the wrong sticks. Pitch is left/right on the left stick, and yaw is forward/backward on the right stick. Throttle and roll are correct.
Can I change the assignments in Flight Planner, or do I need to do it in
the controller? My radio is a RadioLink AT9 with the R9D receiver.
Thanks in advance.


Ed, you can change that by setting the RCMAP_* parameters accordingly.

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It almost sounds like, however, that the radio has the channels mixed up. Is your radio set up for AETR? (That equates to Mode 2, Channel 1 Aileron (roll), Channel 2 - Elevator (PItch), Channel 3 Throttle and Channel 4 Rudder (Yaw). It might be a good idea to check that first. I’m not familiar with that radio, but looking at their manual (tough to read…this appears to be Chinese radio) it appears it does default to Mode 2 AETR.

If it were me, I would make sure the radio is outputting correctly before I go down the RCMAP route. But that’s just me. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the answers.
The RCMAP worked.
BigTulsa…It is set for mode 2