Newbie: PX4 for Traxxas-E-Maxx 3908

I am doing a test to compare the accuracy of the IMU and optic flow. The flow measurements are being done on a laptop kept on the truck (webcam + openCV). I have two questions:
(a.) Can this be done using the APMrover2 2.42?
(b.) Could you please describe, briefly, which tools to use to (i)Compile, and (ii) burn the code onto the px4 board on both, linux and windows environments (ex. px4 toolchain vs the arduino IDE, etc.)?

This sort of question is probably best on the developer mailing list,!forum/drones-discuss.
Right now APMrover doesn’t support the PX4 optical flow board, but if you’d like to work on adding support I’d be happy to give you some guidance on the dev list.
Cheers, Tridge