Newbie - How to take control of S1000 after mission

I am installing a PX4 2.4.6 Pixhawk on a DJI S900. I will be using mission planner to run a survey grid mission. How do you take control of the copter with the RC instead of autoland. What I was doing with the A2 controller was to manually takeoff with RC. Click “Go” on ground station and run the mission then, manually toggle the GPS Atti switch to take control of the craft and manually land the copter. Is that possible with PX4 and mission planner? Thank in advance.

I shudder to think of someone flying auto missions on a 24 lb bird and not having read all of the documentation for the autopilot…but you’d takeoff in loiter or pos hold then switch to auto mode. Vice versa for landing or taking over from an auto mission. You could also change mode from the GCS.

Thank you Matt. I shutter to think that too. The terminology of the Audopilot documentation is a lot different than the DJI. Just getting started on this converting from A2 to PX4. Maybe a month or two of studying and testing before I ever get this thing in the air.


I take off in stabilize mode, hover around few seconds to check that bird is stable and responsive as i would expect and then use RC to switch flight mode to auto. When mission is complete it hovers in air (so I do not add autoland to mission) and then I switch back to stabilize and land manually using RC.

I do it consiuously this way because I need to retain enough skills to fly/start/land manually so that I can react in case of emergencies in mid-mission that could take the bird out of out without need for panic.

There was a time when I relied on auto a lot also for start/landing and I lost the feel for flying a bit that way…

Thanks CLabeck. That is what I was looking for. With my DJI A2’s that is what I do. Always manual takeoff and land. The PX4 has a lot of mode options and some of the modes I will have to test. Thank you for your input.