Newbie Here, Working under the "setup" tab, I can't select "frame type"

Hi everyone
Trying to setup my first drone.
I have a raspberry pi 4 and an Emlid Navio 2.
Building a “tank” style rover.
I believe I have everything configured correctly on the PI.
Ardurover is running on the PI.
I can connect over ethernet and the drone is communicating over mission planner.

I intended to use Ethernet to control this guy around my yard, no RC equipment, just IP…
Is this an issue for initial setup?

Anyway I can’t select “frame type” when setting up the drone in Mission planner.
I have the latest version Emlid’s ardupilot installed.

I think I am just missing 1 small step and I’ve been fighting this for a few days.

Thanks for any help.


I don’t think you need to select any frame type. You will likely frustrate yourself without some sort of RC link, at least for initial setup.

Thank you.
You may be correct.
Would a USB link be sufficient?

Right now in the setup tab / Mandatory Hardware / Frame Type/
It has “undefined” selected and other options are grayed out.

I’m wondering if I can even make these configuration changes while connect over IP…

You can change all the parameters over a network connection. USB is a little faster.

Unless you’re using omni wheels, you don’t have to set frame type. Not worth the worry you’re putting into it.

Testing and tuning via network alone is massively frustrating without RC.

This is what I don’t like, but maybe its not wrong.

That screen is designed for multirotors. You don’t have one of those. The full parameter list on the config tab will have FRAME_TYPE available, but you really need to leave it at 0 (undefined) unless you have a specific reason to change it.

Follow this guide:

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