Newbie converting hydro zt walk behind

Glad I found this board! Great info so far. I’m converting a 48” commercial hydro walk behind with:

Linear servos on the linkage.
Pixhawk 2.4.8
Ardurover 4.0
QGC Android from a Samsung Tab A
Neo-7n GPS (has mag)
Frsky PPM
3DR SIK telemetry
Futaba 9c from RC days
Acubotics (Servo City) dual mtr controller
2 computer fans
Pololu? PWM relay as overall kill switch that grounds engine mag to frame.
All in a Plano plastic box mounted between the pistol grip bars.

Works in manual mode!:grin:

Q. Could all the frame steel and computer fans cause problems with the mags, GPS, and SIK radios? Having a terrible time getting it to run auto mode. Got it to accept auto mode from the Android QGC but just spins or tonight’s event was runs in reverse. Thinking about a small test platform to work out these problems?


Have you been through the tuning process as described here First Drive with Rover — Rover documentation ( and on the pages that follow?

It is a tedious but necessary process.

Congratulations on your success so far! Please share pictures if you can.

Randy solved what sounds similar.

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This is probably the age old problem of reversing both inputs and outputs. The Motor Test will probably show that the motors are spinning in reverse. So then you’ll probably need to go in and flip both SERVOx_REVERSED for the outputs connected to the motors and the RCx_REVERSED for the steering input.