Newbe to flight controllers needs recommendations

I’m not new to rc helis, but Im new to flybarless and flight controllers. I have a v450d03 that I want to fly autonomous and was looking at the mini pix but no us stock and china shipments are on hold. Then I thought the PixHawk, but can’t seem to find good info on hookups for traditional helis. Any recommendations on other fairly inexpensive controllers that support all the features of Ardupilot and mission planner?

Matek H743. Wing, Slim, Mini whichever fit’s best.

Beware with these choices. Some assembly required. Dave can correct me if I’m wrong. With the Matek FC’s, you will have to solder pins and buy an enclosure.

Soldering pins for sure. I have not seen an enclosure for these boards, typically not used. Perhaps Bill is right, maybe better suited to MultiRotors and other vehicle types.

Yeah, I think I’ll just wait until the mini pix is available. Robotshop says the middle of August. There’s good firmware and lots of docs available for the mini. I have a Radiolink AT10ii and wanted to stay with that platform because everything integrates together. I’ll be adding only a gps, telemetry, and ultrasonic sensor.

Thanks guys for your input.

They existed in the past.

If needed, you can find this type of boxes in Aliexpress in many different sizes.

Ah right, I have seen that enclosure for the Wing board. I don’t know what it really adds though. It’s easy enough to sandwich some foam over the baro if that’s the concern. Other than a couple Pixracers I use these types of boards on everything. But, I don’t have a Traditional Heli.