Newbe setup issues. help needed


i am trying to set up my copterx 450 with apm 2.6 and have a few things i cannot understand from the help in the next pages: … cting-apm/ … iguration/

i would be thankful for any help.

  1. in basic configuration and connecting the rx to apm. what should i set to channel 6 ? in the radio …
    i am using er9x with dragonlink … i now have a curve -30/-5/30/60/90 which channel 3 as a master, else the collective in the “heli setup” bar will not move at all … but i am guessing here …

  2. in the radio calibration page i run the process few times … but i have only the minimal movemest of servos /swash when moving the pitch / channel 2 on the radio, collective /ailrons / rudder are all working fine.

  3. in the “heli setup” page there is to set the ch8 / motor speed / mode1 / but there is nothing to select from the pull down menu. i looked for something to add to channel8 of the parameters page on configuration … but nothing there looks even remotely related to the helicopter.

  4. i did not understand how to arm the helicopter … the button in the HUD page of MP did arm andthen i could run the motor while collective got up ( without blades ) … ( so is my guess in 1. correct ? ) but moving rudder to right as in the hexa-copter did bot arm.

thank you for any help.



can any one please help read this log to understand why the heli took a strong right the second it got off the ground ?

1st try to takeoff …
it was in stab mode … -04-33.log
thank you

Guy, are you using clone hardware?