New Y6 layout

is there a picture showing how to setup the new frame 10 style Y6 layout?

prop direction
motor location

and has the bug with clicking on the frame page been fixed?

thank you/

I haven’t seen a picture yet but from here

Conversion steps are:

  1. change motor signal wires to suit new numbering layout…
    5 -> 1 (right top motor)
    1 -> 2 (right bottom motor)
    6 -> 3 (back top motor)
    4 -> 4 (back bottom motor) no change
    2 -> 5 (left top motor)
    3 -> 6 (left bottom motor)

  2. Change one motor wire around on both of the back motors so they will now spin the opposite direction.

  3. Put a 10x4.7 pusher prop on the back top motor and a 11x4.7 “normal” prop on the back bottom motor (or whatever props you’re using).

  4. set FRAME parameter to 10.

Run the motor test to be sure the motors are right (will run in new 1-6 order shown above). All top props should spin clockwise (with pusher props) and bottom motors should spin CCW (with normal props)

I see that the Mission Planner bug has been fixed in source code and believe it will be in the next release.