New "wind sock" or is it?

I noticed, since 1.2.84, there is a double circle with a number and a line in the top left hand corner of the map on the Flight Date tab. I presume that replaced the wind direction and speed on the previous versions. My question is the long end of the line the “from” or the “to” of wind direction. Those that are pilots are always going to want the “from”. In other words an East wind is blowing from the East and towards the west. If possible, it would be nice to make a wind sock symbol so no doubts.

Good questions. I didn’t know what it was until your post.
Hope someone else explain it a little bit for better understanding.

it shows wind speed and direction

I was wondering what it was too… Where does it get the speed and direction info from?

Magic… :unamused:

I presume it calculates it from the plane’s behaviour or rather airspeed/groundspeed relationship.

This trigonometry magic requires:

  1. Airspeed
  2. GPS ground speed
  3. GPS track
  4. Compass heading (crab angle)

Really, solved? My original question is which way is the wind coming from? In “real” aviation, wind direction is given as “from” direction so pilot can crab or make heading changes to achieve desired course. Soooo, why not use a wind sock so no guessing. If you want to keep folks guessing can you please explain the “line” and how to read it as to direction of wind.