New VibeX, VibeY and VibeZ parameters

Hi all
I am trying to investigate on a strage behaviour of my copter: I have sudden loss or increase in altitude when yawing.
I am running FW 3.3rc7
To be sure of the assembly I checked the Acc_X, Acc_Y and Acc_Z parameters as well as the new VibeX, VibeY and VibeZ
Does anybody know what are the suggested values??


Is you multirotor overpowered / underweight? I have noticed others report the same problem when their multirotor hovers ~<40% throttle. The issue has to do with the yaw to throttle mixing that is present in the code. If you craft is underweight try adding more weight and re-running auto tune. If the problem is solved then that may be your issue.

I don’t recall ATM what parameter affects the throttle increase / decrease but if i remember i’ll let you know.

thanks! I will give it a try and reply, but unfortunately the copter is seriusly damaged due to a crash occurs in loiter.
quite frankly I have THR_MID setted at 540 (w/o gimbal and camera) : do you believe is a value a bit low?

If your hover performance is around 54% (THR_MID is set to 540 (54%)) its not likely a weight issue but upload your log files anyway and maybe it’ll shine some light on your issues.

My apologize for beeing so late with this replay, but it take quite e while to rebuild my x8 due to a crash.
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